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The exclusive Bella Casa Builders by Alberici communities of Collington Pointe, Talamore and the most recent development underway, Copper River, are situated on land rich in local history that once extended its roots into the village of Baldwinsville. Bella Casa Builders by Alberici purchased the parcel of land on Patchett Road in the Town of Lysander known as Military Lot 87, 88 & 89 in 1999.

Due to the nature of the artifacts and farm equipment found on the land, Bella Casa Builders had to hire a company to perform an archeological intervention before any development could begin. The history was resurrected and we are excited to share in the nostalgia.

The unification of two prominent Baldwinsville families, that spanned the time of 150 years, known as the Westfall’s and Frazee’s occupied and utilized the majority of the farm land located on old Rural Route 3, known as Patchett Road in Baldwinsville. The farm was home to free range chickens, sheep, lamb, pigs, cows and horses. A pond with a dock for a spot to cool off in the summer was a welcome retreat. An orchard of apple as well as other fruit trees were located in the far end of the land. They grew wheat, Indian corn, peas, beans, potatoes, cabbage and tobacco.

Tobacco production was a great industry for a period of this time with the Town of Lysander being the principal producer for Onondaga County. The Frazee and Westfall farm land was a part of this tobacco growing era which began in the 1800’s and continued well into the 1920’s.

The Frazee’s also owned a large portion of the industries located in the village of Baldwinsville. They included a sawmill, a flour mill, a plaster mill, a cooper shop and a grocery.

Today, you can see a few apple trees still exist and bear fruit. The pond that would sprout daffodils around its perimeter in the spring has been preserved, and is a home for indigenous wildlife like turtles and frogs and provides a wonderful serene landscape.
From the one of a kind beautiful homes to the forever wild adjacent land, the moment you enter the neighborhood you can sense the perfect interaction of community and nature. A neighborhood you can take a stroll and exchange pleasantries with your neighbors, and the wilderness that can be explored by the young and the young at heart, uncovering the history of the years past while experiencing the tranquility and wonders of nature.

Copper River is the place you can call home. A home and community built with love.

Copper River: Section 2 Lot Availability

  • Currently lots 48,58, 64, 68,69,70,71,72,74,75,79, 80, 83,84,85,86,87, and 88 are available and ready to be built on.
  • Lot 63 is our spec / model currently under construction and for sale

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